About me

Trade assist started in 2016 with the aim to assist the traders who are struggling to make the profit in intraday. We have analyzed many strategies and kept testing it until the approach produces a consistent benefit in the long run. Now we have a robust technical method which is healthy and minimum guaranteed return at all the market movements. We trade the calls we provide and make sure the strategy is working correctly. We mainly built this service to small traders who are unable to make a decent return from the market.

Experience on Commodity Market through many ups and downs

Learn the basics of trading and
 how to use the trading platform.

The capital amount should be
enough to trade conveniently

The loss is part of a trade.

Discipline and patience is essential
for a consistent return.

Emotional or revenge trade will kill your collective knowledge and your hard earned money

Don’t fall for beginners luck.
Stick with the plan.