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In this site you will get to know many things like technical analysis, brokerage companies, how to begin trading and much more trading related information. It will enrich your knowledge before entering the market. 

To become a successful trader one needs a good knowledge in technical analysis. Basic charts, technical indicators, order types, day trading, positional trading and other essential subjects will be covered to develop a knowledge in trading.

The truth is very few people make money in this market. Others keep coming and go. To make profits regularly traders should have the proper understanding in the market.

How to open a demat account (trading account)

To start a trading one needs to open an account from a brokerage company listed by the SEBI. Nowadays you can open a new account in a day. It’s just like opening a bank account. In a bank account you can deposit, save or withdraw your money whenever you want. Just like that in a demat account you can buy, sell or hold your shares with respect to the time schedule given by the regulations. There are thousands of brokerage companies out there. You can choose the best company whoever gives the best services, tech support, and low brokerage. It is upto you which is the main thing you want. Some choose the company who gives better service, some choose the discount broker who provides the service at low cost, some choose the company who provides better tech service. You can compare the brokerage companies listed in our page who are leading brokerage service providers in this industry.




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Main things you need to know before trading


  • You should invest your time first to know the market
  • Capital investment should be properly divided with respect to the volume you trade
  • Trading platform and internet connection should be good to have  an uninterrupted trading
  • Paper trading is important before you start to trade with real money. It will reduce the chances of failing.
  • Depending on the trading with someone else is always risky. You should have your own strategy and method.
  • The risk you take in one trade should be 2 to 5% from your capital. It will reduce the chance of swiping the total capital.

What We Do

Trading ideas

We provide the successful method and strategy to trade in Indian share market and commodity market

Compare brokerage companies

There are many brokerage companies providing the service. We will compare them to let you decide which suits you well.


Recent news and important information will be shared to understand the movement of the market

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Our Main concept is to provide accurate trading method and strategy to gain the profit in market.

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We are the best share market data provider in Tamil Nadu. Our Trade assist offers you best trading ideas and methods to beat the market.


1. How many days do you provide the trial calls?
Three consecutive days, after that we have the better pricing plans for your affordable payments
2. What is the accuracy rate of your advisory?
The success percentage will differ every month. However we guarantee that it will be maintained above 70% in most of the time. Note: No one can be 100% sure of the result. Better speculation is the reality.
3. What if I get losing calls?
The good result comes with the consistent strategy and disciplined trade. Sometimes we have to bear the losses where market makes noise. To be straight forward, you have to stick with the calls all the time to end up in positive result every month.
4. How to become a successful trader?
  • Learn basics of trading. We have plenty of materials and books online/offline.
  • Invest your time in learning rather than investing heavy in trading account.
  • In trading discipline makes you rich more than being smart. Always stick with your plan
  • Don’t let your emotion and ego take over the common sense.
  • Revenge trade kills your discipline. You have plenty of time to recover. Trading within your limit is always better than jackpots.
  • In our experience 2-5% of the capital money should be the profit/loss per day.
5. Do you provide calls for all commodity products?
We are currently providing MCX tips for base metals alone.
6. How many calls do you provide per day?
Generally, 3 to 4 calls will be provided per day. However it will vary with respect to the market movement.
7. How many years do you have experience in this market?
We have six years of experience in commodity market.


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