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Oranic Garden fertilizer Provider in Tamil Nadu

We provide best organic fertilizer-vermi compost for the farming and Home garden purposes.

A destination to buy organic products from the farmers directly

SureShot Mcx Commodity Tips Provider in Tamil Nadu


We are pleased as you have hit our site.

This is an initiative movement to sell the products which are produced by our local farmers itself. Our aim is to give the organic products at very nominal cost to our customers by procuring the agricultural products from the farmers directly. 

What We Do

Procure the products

We procure the organic products from farmers around the area

Process the items

The items will be checked for quality standards then packed 


The products will be stored in our place then sold directly to our customers

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Why choose us?



The delivery charge is free if the order value is higher than Rs.600



Our products displayed here are in good quality


Visitor Assist

We’ll support you through phone calls, What’s App messages and mail conversations for easy communication


Fast delivery

Our products will be delivered as soon as possible

Need the best products for your Garden?, Your destination is Trade Assist.


Get a Free information

We provide free  guidance to setup your home garden

Professional Guidance

Our expert are specialized in providing best plans to create your own garden

Safe & Secure transaction

Payment transaction is done using popular money transferring services. so it will be safe.

Fine quality organic fertilizer provider in Tamil Nadu.


1. How long will it take to deliver the items?

The items will be shipped in Two working days

2. What will be the delivery charge?

The orders above Rs.600 will be delivered for free. Less than that means the delivery charge will be Rs.60/order

3. Do you provide instructions guide to use the products?

Most of the pack will contain usage guidelines. However The guidebook will be attached with the items for better understanding

4. What if I get the wrong or damaged item?

The damaged/wrong item will be collected and replaced. 

5. Do you provide Cash on Delivery service?

Cash on Delivery is not available right now.

6. Do you deliver the items in all the places?

Currently we are serving in and around the coimbatore city alone. 


Our Client Says

I purchased the Organic fertilizer from Tradeassist for my coconut tree farm. The fertilizer is giving good result. The yield of the crop is increased in short time and the trees are looking healthy now.

Mr. Raj Kumar

CEO Search rewards


Trade Assist – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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